Get your Loco Moco on
Posted on Sunday, 8th January, 2012 under cooking.

Whilst watching the Hawaii Five-0 TV show remake I picked up on a breakfast dish being consumed: Loco Moco. There was a brief description of its contents but frankly believed they'd made it up as part of some kind of in-joke. Either way the name and description intrigued me so I grabbed the 'pad and started searching. Eventually I found the right spelling and thus it was confirmed as a Hawaiian breakfast speciality made with a pile of white rice, topped with a hamburger patty and fried egg, all covered with sloppy brown gravy. It sounds like a mad idea but something I needed to give a go.

So here we are a a month or so later and I decided to take the plunge today. I'd made some sliders a few weeks back and frozen small batches. These thin style burger patties feel more suited to the dish than a 2cm thick gourmet burger. After defrosting some of these overnight I was ready and raring to try it this morning. I boiled up some simple rice and made a gravy using a little vegetable stock and gravy browning powder. Finally I cooked the burgers and egg before beginning construction.

I realise that the dish is probably most often a rough pile of food but I decided to add a bit of theatre by giving it a little more elegance. So busted out a metal cookie cutter to make a perfect cylinder of rice as the base of a splendid tower of food. I even trimmed the egg to match the shape of the tower rather than hanging over the sides.

A towering masterpiece if do say so myself but the real question is what it's like. Well that's easy, it's brilliant. The fear that this collection of flavours won't work is unfounded. They're a lovely combination with the egg and gravy mixing to form a rich and shiny sauce to coat every grain of rice whist the burger adds that little bit of meat loved in a cooked breakfast. It feels to me like a cross between a full english and a bowl of porridge, not in flavours maybe but in terms of being a spoon shovelled breakfast that will keep you going all day.

This isn't a dish you're going to cook a lot because it's not the healthiest and unless your fridge happens to contain left over rice and burgers it's not the quickest breakfast to prepare. But it is delicious and I'd recommend everyone tries it once in their life, be it for breakfast or any other meal.

Preparing this for breakfast took a little more concentration than usual, demonstrated by the fact I was struggling with the parallel task of making coffee. The milk pan is not the mug...

Muffin to see here
Posted on Saturday, 7th January, 2012 under cooking.

After a few (or more) too many drinks last night my head was pounding this morning. With no food in I had to trudge round Asda feeling akin to a Wack-a-mole mole. After popping up in multiple aisles and grabbing supplies without a single thwack to the head it was back home to knock up the non-drug based cure: ham and eggs muffins. The bright yellow and runny yolk was the perfect ray of sunshine to pierce through the alcohol induced blur.

Ugly Cookies
Posted on Tuesday, 3rd January, 2012 under cooking.

Sometimes you fancy something sweet but don't really have anything in. Tonight was one of those nights after ignoring the welcoming Dominoes menu on the doormat spewing forth tantalising but fat filled Two for Tuesdays deal and having some leftover shepherd's pie. After a quick rummage I realised I might just have the ingredients for some cookies: butter, sugar, flour, an egg and some chocolate chips.

In the spirit of it being an on the spot idea I treated the measuring a little haphazardly so they didn't turn out quite right. The dough didn't melt as much as they should so they were a little thick. Maybe the oven wasn't quite hot enough either. But all in all it was a fun 40 minutes and devouring a pair of them warm and still soft from the oven did cover my sweet fancy.

Magnetic Creature Invasion
Posted on Tuesday, 3rd January, 2012 under home, games.

Received my Kick Starter funded copies of Creatures today. It's a very simple deck building card game where you combine cards representing the front, middle and back parts of animals to create creatures that you then battle to the death for the honour of being crowned champion. Hopefully it'll be something lighter to act as a perfect filler game for games nights.

Along with my copies were some promotional fridge magnets which as I don't have a metallic fridge door have taken over my cooker hood.

The herd in all their glory...

Behold the almighty Anatuzee...

And as an extra treat along related magnetic lines, check out my friends brilliant M&S themed wedding reminder whose company the creatures now keep...

Shepherd's Pie
Posted on Monday, 2nd January, 2012 under cooking.

I'd never actually cooked Shepherd's Pie before which is odd as my mum used to make it a fair bit when I was growing up and I loved it. Meat part was a bit wet so spreading the mash on top was a little messy but the end result was brilliant and loads left over for other nights.