Pocket Planes Tools

Welcome to my array of web tools for Nimblebit's time management iOS game, Pocket Planes. I started building this lot to help optimise my decisions in game and hopefully they can do the same for a few other people out there too. Enjoy!

Note that my calculations of distance are based on co-ordinates that did the rounds in a google doc. I don't actually know the source but they do tie up with the game's use of the 'range' value on aircraft. The strange thing is that they don't line up with what it uses for distance in calculations such as travel times and costs. It's pretty close to being 4 times less in calculations but some sums end up being out by a small fraction.

Airport Distance Calculator

Never mistakenly buy an airport your planes can't reach or a plane that can't reach your existing airports by using this simple tool. Select two cities to see the distance between them. Green are planes that can make the distance. Yellow need a little upgrading but are capable. Red can make the distance but whose class is too high to land there. Grey can't make the distance with or without an upgrade.

Pick a start and end point


See how far it is and which planes can make it

Distance: 0 miles

Earnings Comparison

Combine planes and routes to see their earning potentials. Check the direct stats option to see how your selected route compares to a perfectly straight route from start to end. Store a particular calculation and start a new one to compare your options.

Enter aircraft details:

Range: 500 miles
Speed: 126 mph
Weight: 1 tons
Capacity: 1

Enter route:

Start at:
Leg 1:
Set options:
Show direct path stats (appear in bracket below route stats)

Statistics for your selected route:

Plane Route Distance Time Cost Income Profit Profit/Hour

Plane Data

Name Available at Class Capacity Range Speed Weight

Airport Data

Complete airport list with co-ordinates for range calculation. Colour coded by class.


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User stoinov on the Touch Arcade forums has done some analysis of the earnings/hour of different aircraft. It's great for those trying to work out their perfect Pocket Planes strategy to fit around their lifestyle. View the spreadsheet data and read stoinov's forum post with their conclusions. This has been posted with permission of original author


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